Welcome to the ROF Journey! a practical, step by step guide towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Journey with us through 3 distinct levels of sustainable solutions with a focus on maximum impact for minimum effort.

For each step we have developed a simple & practical online class. Each class is self paced and filled with expert content, podcasts, videos and challenges.

You will also have to chance to measure & track your impact and improvements! 

Our aim is to keep it fun & interactive and provide you with immediate actionable solutions!



Reduce your fashion footprint and create a capsule wardrobe of items your truly love!

In this 60 mins self paced online class you will learn to: 

- Master a minimalist, low-waste and social approach to fashion 

- Create a capsule wardrobe of items you truly love

- Learn to refuse compulsive shopping

- Reuse and mix & match what you already have

- Recover what you own, without wasting resources & money

The class has been development in collaboration with Patagonia, Homie, Manages, Slow Fashion Season, Salvos, Thredden, Be Kind Coco. A big thank you goes out to them!


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