Collaborative Efforts

2 workshops: DIY home cleaning & DIY personal care products to support living a healthier & more plastic free lifestyle!

Lunch & Learn Session with employees sharing how to live a more sustainable lifestyle at home & at work. Aim to minimise waste, separate correctly, integrate latest apps and technology to facility the journey.

25,000 visitor & 200 stalls festival celebrating world vegan day in November. Partnered with festival to introduce more sustainable practices, educating visitors & vendors how to separate correctly and minimise waste.

Partners in 2019 & 2020 to offer individuals & the community on trend workshops to journey towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Recurring workshops on embracing a sustainable diet to better look after your health & the planet.

Supporting Plastic Free July with dedicated workshops. Connecting & sharing with community impact of plastic waste, how to avoid & reduce.

With the support of a PROJECT GRANT, run monthly workshops following our "Reducing Our Footprint Inc." Journey towards sustainabilty: Total of 11 workshops & community sessions in 2019. More to come in 2020!

Lunch & Learn webinar to AUS & NZ staff. Introducing new sustainable habits at home & in the office & explore clever circular solutions.

Partnership with Operation Green, an Earth Company initiative which aims to facilitate the adoption of eco-operations among businesses, schools, and NGOs through an original framework and case studies.


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