We are Anaïs & Alex who fell in love with protecting our planet Earth and decided to make it our mission. 

Our personal sustainability journey started in Shanghai, China. Confronted by the amount of waste and pollution, we started to explore solutions and ways to reduce our impact and embarked on an (almost) zero-waste lifestyle.

We felt the need to share our story and knowledge acquired over the years, so in 2018 Reducing Our Footprint (ROF) was born in Melbourne, Australia.

Launched first as a community organisation to promote behavioural change in support of the environment, ROF has since expanded to a national provider of sustainable services to businesses, festivals, restaurants and schools.

Our aim is to reduce environmental impact through personalised sustainable solutions and circular projects that offer immediate results. 

Our motto is “Minimum effort, maximum impact!”.

Today, ROF enjoys a local network of key partners and the support of skilled and passionate individuals.

Please reach out to learn more about what we can do for you and how we can collaborate together!



Behind the Scenes

Alex Kung profile picture


Co-Founder and Director

Following a career in business development across the Asia Pacific in multiple industries, Alex’s sustainability journey started in Shanghai, China. Confronted by the amount of waste, Alex decides to embark on a zero (almost!) waste lifestyle and to support businesses accelerate their shift towards sustainability. Alex believes that each of us can be part of the solution. All it takes is being mindful, choosing a problem we are passionate about and taking action.

Anais Perou profile picture


Co-Founder and CMO

Anais is a sustainability educator dedicated to empowering individuals to build circular practices that reflect their values and respect the environment. With international experiences as a teacher and a digital marketer, Anais creates solution-driven experiences for businesses, schools and local councils.

Adele D'Souza.jpg


Online Product and Community Manager

Adele is a post-graduate student at the University of Melbourne, completing her Master's in Publishing and Communications. Having a deep passion for preserving and rejuvenating the planet, Adele strives to be a catalyst for social and environmental change. With open and empathetic mindsets and guidance from innovative thinkers, she believes humans can be a force for good in society and shift their climate narrative.

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Digital Consultant

After gaining a mix of operational, administrative and digital marketing experience across corporate and NGO sector, Mia is now at the edge of a major career change. She is passionate about digital transformation and bringing people and technology together for the greater good. Being deeply concerned about the current climate change, her aim is to be part of the sustainable future.